Geography Examples of Students’ Work

“Geography is fundamental to everything that we do. Getting students to link their lives to Geography and the way that they live their lives is something that I am very conscious of having an impact on.”     Miss Roberts, Lead KS4 & KS5, Head of Radcliffe
“Understanding geographical concepts means students understand possibilities for the future. They can explore how their actions interact with the natural world, and can make informed decisions for their future plans.”     Mrs Browne, Lead KS3
Carbon Footprint
Students are to investigate their impacts on the world around them by looking at their carbon footprint. Students fill out a questionnaire on how they rank in comparison to others in the UK and in the world. Once this is complete students are then asked to think about how they can change their choices in order to reduce their carbon footprint and make the world a more sustainable place.
This piece of work is visually very attractive and the student has put a lot of effort into the way that it is presented. They have included some incredible visual representations on how they can improve their life.
“One thing I enjoyed about this homework was understanding how my carbon footprint affected the world. The homework was fun and I learnt a lot from the quiz itself.”  Amna Ahmad
Waterfall Project
Students can get creative when learning how a waterfall is formed. They are to recreate a replica of a waterfall of their choice in 3D using detailed annotations to explain the different physical processes that interact to create this distinctive landform.
“Understanding the fundamentals and fragility of the nature around us is important, so we can appreciate it. That’s why I loved this project and the topic we studied during this. I especially enjoyed being given the opportunity to think outside the box for how I could perfectly represent a real waterfall and teach myself and others how it works in a model. Mixing creativity and a bit of fun at school is the best environment for me to learn, which is also what I enjoyed about this project."     Hala Elabd
Water Cycle Diagram
Students are to make a visual representation of the water cycle which we studied in class. They need to show they understand all of the key processes involved in the closed system of the Hydrological Cycle. This later links to understanding how rivers are formed.

“What I have enjoyed the most in this topic would be that I have been able to expand my knowledge on the process of how we get rain; something that is ordinary all around the world and would be helpful to have extensive understanding.”     
Bridget-Liz Mba Tay Addai