Geography Extra-Curricular Activities

Key Stage 3 Geography Challenge Club

Year 7 Eden Project Residential: This is an exciting 3 day residential trip where we combine history and geography. We visit Stone Henge on the way to the Eden Project, where we stay for 2 nights completing specialist workshops and an exciting night time class in the rainforest. This links to their Belonging topic as we look at the Rainforest biome in further detail.
Year 7 United World Off Timetable Day – Commonwealth Bid: Students work in teams to create a presentation bid for their country to host the next Commonwealth Games. They combine geographical knowledge about their country, with ideas from Business, and Oracy to persuade their audience to vote for them!
Year 7 Belonging Off Timetable Day: Planning, directing, producing and editing a film documentary. Student combine all their knowledge from the topic of Biomes, Belonging that they have learnt through the term. They spend the day working towards producing their own documentary about one of the main Biomes. This introduces them to new ideas from Media and IT subjects as well and English when thinking about script writing, and Performing Arts when performing the documentary on camera.
Year 8 Tomorrow’s World Off Timetable Day – Investigating Climate Change: Students explore the evidence for climate change completing a series of STEM activities. They will measure gasses in ice cores, study the evidence in tree rings, unearth fossils and more. They combine all the evidence they find into a report on how the climate has changed in years past.

Key Stage 4 & Key Stage 5

Year 9 Stanwick Lakes: This is a local trip to Northamptonshire looking at the natural environment around us. Students spend time looking at river processes and the human impacts of tourism in the local area.
Year 11 Birmingham: This trip takes place at two locations, Cadbury World and Birmingham City Centre. The focus of this trip is on human geography with a particular focus on globalisation and regeneration. Students have the opportunity to explore and study the city centre in great detail as well as enjoy some delicious treats!
Year 10 Walton on the Naze: Students attend a day trip to Walton on the Naze to experience and investigate coastal fieldwork, here they look at a wide variety of different methods and techniques to gain knowledge of coastal processes.
Sixth Form Swanage Residential: Students go on a three day residential trip to Swanage, Dorset. In Year 12 the students spend their days investigating different types of fieldwork with specialists from the local area. Looking at both human and physical geography-beach erosion, sand dunes, tourism, regeneration.
Year 13 are collecting evidence and data for their Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) based upon their chosen topic area.