Geography Primary Resources

In year 7 it is ideal if students come to us understanding some basic concepts of Geography. These include:
Map Skills:
  • Locational knowledge of the seven continents and six oceans. They should be able to identify some countries within each continent, and where the oceans are located on a world map.
  • In addition they should be able to locate the United Kingdom countries, major cities, and major rivers.
  • Understand at least a four point compass rose.
  • Know the major lines of latitude and longitude.
  • A few common map symbols from an OS map.
  • Name the main biomes (tropical rainforest, tundra, desert, grasslands) and understand that they are large scale ecosystems.
  • Locational knowledge of the main biomes on a world map.
  • The main components of a food chain.
  • How a food chain links into a food web.
  • What an ecosystem is.