Health and Social Care Examples of Students’ Work

R022 – Communication
Detailed and comprehensive example of 'Behaviours' that we would not use when communicating with a service user. This year 9 student has wonderful application to practice.

GCSE Exam Question:
1(c) Explain possible emotional effects on the children if staff at Lucky Stars Pre-School did not apply the values of care. Your answer must:

– include examples of the values of care not being applied
– explain the possible emotional effects on the children. (8marks)

“If a child overhears a teacher gossiping about her with another teacher, then confidentiality is not maintained.
This will make the child feel disempowered. This will lead to the child feeling betrayed and acting aggressively, because he no more has trust in the teacher. 
Also, if the preschool does not provide a vegetarian option meal, then they are not promoting equality and diversity.
This may make vegetarian children feel unvalued and neglected, and in the long run it might lead to the child being uncooperative.” – Year 11 student (8 marks)

Excellent example of R027 – Creative activities.
The year 10 student is discussing the physical benefits to creative activities.

KS5 Unit 24 – Public Health:
Distinction piece of work showing how health screenings promote public health, services and practitioners involved and analysis of the screening. Very well referenced.