Health and Social Care Extra-Curricular Activities

Key Stage 4 and 5 Opportunities

HealthTec Buckinghamshire College Group: HealthTec Thames Valley provides immersive and inspirational learning experiences which provides young people the opportunity to meet and work alongside clinical and non-clinical staff from the sector. Students are able to follow patient pathways and increase skill levels in basic first aid (including resuscitation, AED and unconscious casualty).
HealthTec raises awareness of the wide variety of careers within the NHS and social care, with emphasis on roles identified in the local area as priorities for recruitment. It explains the educational pathways, including work-based, apprenticeship and higher education.
They also offer discussions and information which enable students to make healthy lifestyle choices.
Key Stage 4: HealthTec visit Biddenham to deliver a live and interaction workshop on how to complete first aid procedures. This helps students with their year 11 piece of coursework.  Some of the actitivies are shown below.
Students being taught how to treat someone if they are choking.
Students learning the
recovery position.
Students learning how to
perform CPR.
Students analysing xrays and
receiving NHS careers information.
Key Stage 5: Students spend the day at Aylesbury Campus in Buckinghamshire learning about Anatomy and Physiology to help with their year 13 exam.