Information Technology Assessments

Students are assessed as follows:
Key Stage 3
Rotation 1:  Summative Assessment multiple choice quiz
Rotation 2:  Presentation (marked using a rubric)
Rotation 3:  Excel summative assessment
Key Stage 4
Component 2 PSA:  Collecting, presenting and interpreting Data (internal controlled assessment, 30%, October/November of year 10)
Component 1 PSA:  Exploring user interface, Design principles and Project planning techniques (internal controlled assessment, 30%, February/March of year 10)
Component 3:  Effective digital working practices (external exam, 40%, June year 11)
Key Stage 5
Year 12
Unit 2: Creating systems to manage information – database using Microsoft Access (5 hour exam in May of year 12)
Unit 3:  Business use of social media
(coursework, 50% of final year 12 grade)
Year 13
Unit 1:  Information Technology Systems (external exam, 1 hour 30 mins, January of year 13)
Unit 5:  Data Modelling (internal coursework, handed in by May of year 13)