Information Technology Examples of Students’ Work

Year 11 work on Microsoft Excel: Students were shown how to complete tasks on Microsoft Excel including using decision making and vlookup functions. They were asked to complete these tasks and write themselves notes they could follow in future lessons. The first two pieces provide clear steps and breaks down functions into manageable chunks.
The third piece of work shows part of a final evaluation produced by a year 11 student for their BTEC ICT Component 1 User Interface coursework.
Students have to justify their design choices and show how they used their designs to make this.
Year 11 work on Dashboard:
This shows an example of a Dashboard made for BTEC DIT Component 2 Excel work completed by a student. Students have to manipulate and present data in a way they see fit so that users can draw conclusions.

Here is an example of a revision mind map made to support a student with their ICT Component 3 exam.