Ismail Khan, Year 7 Student

I have been at Biddenham for three weeks and so far I am really enjoying it.

Before I came to Biddenham I was worried about getting lost, but I went to summer school and it wasn’t that bad. But I was still nervous, it is a big school with new people I never met before. Over the two weeks I managed to learn my way around the school and now I am fine. One day when my friend and I weren’t sure of the way some sixth formers took us to our room, so everyone is really helpful and welcoming.

Meeting new people is not as hard as it seems because you will probably already know a few people going to Biddenham, but if not then this is a fresh start to make new lifelong friends. I have found everyone is friendly and you soon get to know new people.

The day at Biddenham starts at 7.45am four days a week, but on Tuesdays you get a lie in and start at 8.45am. Getting up early is something a lot of people are worried about because they think they might not be able to wake up on time. For me this was no problem because I have always been a morning person and I have been getting up at 6.00am for most of my life. After a while you will soon get used to the early start and it’s good because you finish early and then have more time in the evenings.

Getting lunch is really easy because you don’t need to take any money in. If you want to buy something you just use a PIN number. The food is really good especially the flapjacks and cakes from the Snack Shack!

At Biddenham you learn lots of new and different subjects which are really interesting. I really like German, Maths, Science and PE.

You get house points for good work and you can save up your points to exchange for prizes which is really good.

There are lots of clubs you can join and there will probably be at least one you will enjoy. I have joined the football club and creative writing club but there are so many more.

When I left primary school I thought it would take a long time to get used to secondary school but I already feel like I have been at Biddenham more than a couple of weeks. I think it is a really good school and you will enjoy coming here.

Thank you for your time.
Ismail Khan