Laila-Marie Lovinelli, Year 7 Student

Hi my name is Laila-Marie, I recently started Biddenham in September and have enjoyed myself ever since.

Biddenham is an international sports college which really inspired me to choose this school. There are a vast variety of sports and opportunities for people who are into sports like me, but it’s not just all about sports, they have great academic and Drama clubs to attend.

One of the many things I like about Biddenham is that they have Oracy as a lesson. Oracy is all to do with public speaking, something that I love. It doesn’t just teach you about speaking in public but to build your confidence and express yourself making you feel comfortable talking aloud.

If I was being honest I was nervous before joining a new school but Biddenham provides great help and support for others.

Laila-Marie Lovinelli