Languages Examples of Students’ Work

Key Stage 3 Work

Year 7: The task was to create a revision resource with the vocabulary about pets learnt in lessons. It includes not only the word in German but also the article (einen/eine/ein) and an image to make it easy to memorise the meaning of each word.
Here is an excellent example of a photo description at key stage 3 German. The student includes lots of details to describe a family.
Two excellent examples of year 7 students introducing themselves in German and talking about their families. Students completed an extended piece of writing in their lesson, in which they needed to describe themselves (name, where they are from, where they live, their age, and a description of their personality) and introduce and describe their family (how many siblings they have, personalities, etc). Once the paragraph was marked and students upgraded it using the teacher's feedback, they recorded themselves saying it aloud.

Key Stage 4 Work

Why I like German…

An excellent piece of writing by a year 11 Spanish student. The student uses a great variety of appropriate vocabulary and complex sentences. There are also references to at least three time frames, which are largely successful. Lots of opinions are expressed.