Law Examples of Students’ Work

Below are some examples of student work on the English legal system, sources of law and the substantive areas of criminal law and the law of tort, demonstrating key skills ranging from knowledge, understanding, application and evaluation.

Year 12 Work

Juries: This piece of work focuses on the exam assessment objectives of knowledge, understanding and evaluation. This is a good response showing these skills.
Statutory Interpretations: This student shows thought and clear planning on how to address a difficult area of law. There is a good explanation of the rules of statutory interpretation and use of legal authority to support conclusions reached.

Year 13 Work

Involuntary Manslaughter: This piece of work is a problem based exam question. It is an excellent response which demonstrates key skills of identifying and explaining the key legal issues, the use of legal authorities to support explanations, clear application to the scenario and a conclusion based on this reasoning.
Tort of Nuisance: This student demonstrates skills of knowledge and understanding of the relevant legal principles along with application skills to a given scenario. There is good structure and use of legal authority.
Theft Scenarios: This work clearly demonstrates that the student has understood the requirements to prove theft, and applied them appropriately to the given scenarios.