Additional Online Resources

During these unprecedented times teachers will continue to provide sufficient resources relevant to schemes of work to cover the curriculum time. Additional homework tasks that would have previously been set if students were in school will not be assigned. This is to ensure students are not too overwhelmed by the situation and in accordance with government guidance.
Below are some other useful online learning resources to explore, should you wish your child to do additional work to that set via Google Classroom. Whilst these will help in preparing for, consolidating and extending the learning, these are not compulsory. (Please do ensure you are looking at the secondary resources as those provided by the Department for Education also outline primary resources.)
* Selected students have access to these resources.
Project Based Learning & Oracy
Local news
Noisy Classroom 
Your child will study food on rotation and an ingredience booklet is provided on their notices classroom to support with this.
Cyber Safety
NCPCC – Top tips for parents
BBC Bitesize – Understanding the online world