Maths Examples of Students’ Work

Key Stage 3: This work shows a student's first lesson solving equations at the end of the key stage 3 scheme of work. Here the student uses their knowledge of basic algebraic manipulation to solve a range of one-step linear equations. In further lessons and at GCSE this is expanded to solve ever more complex equations.

Key Stage 3: This work shows examples from a lesson where students were learning how to solve simultaneous equations using the elimination method to find the correct solution for two different sets of equations.
Year 10: A great example of excellent homework. This student used coloured pens to shade regions. All calculations are shown and are very clear. Perfect homework!
GCSE Units: The third unit of our GCSE course introduces angle rules with polygons. At the end of the unit, this student made a one page summary of the rules they thought were most important.
GCSE Units: Students study Pythagoras Theorem alongside other trigonometric rules in unit 19 of the GCSE course at the start of year 11. This work shows how the student makes notes for future revision.