Maths Extra-Curricular Activities

Maths Enrichment Day organised by Advanced Mathematics Support Programme and run at University of Bedfordshire:This event is aimed at year 10s mathematicians who may go on to study Core Maths, A level Maths or Further Maths at post 16. Its aim is to offer students a taste of maths beyond GCSE, to explore potential careers supported by maths qualifications, provide information about maths courses available post-16 and to have fun working on unusual maths problems and learning about new areas of maths.
The day included stimulating mathematical talks and activities designed to help students see the usefulness and fun of maths beyond the curriculum.
Our Chess Club runs during lunch break and is open to students from all year groups.
We run an after school Maths Club for all year groups headed by a Maths teacher, and is directed to high ability Maths students to stretch and challenge them.
As a department we also offer additional classes to help students achieve their potential. After school concept catch-up sessions and daily homework club are available to all. We also deliver targeted support to students in year 11 who have the potential to move up a grade. This is particularly focussed towards the grade 3/4 students.