Media Studies Assessments

Students are assessed as follows:
Key Stage 4
Paper 1
Section A: Media Language and Representations (could include magazines, advertising and marketing, newspapers, OSP media and video games).
Will include an unseen analysis – any product that can be printed.
Section B:  Media Industries and Audiences (could include film, music video, radio, newspapers, OSP media and video games).
Paper 2
Section A:
  Television (will include a three minute clip from one of the two TV CSPs – questions will increasingly widen scope beyond the clip itself 
Section B:  either newspapers or OSP media and video games – so far has always included two 20-mark ‘judgement and conclusion’ questions.
Key Stage 5
Paper 1:  Media Language and representation: unseen, application of framework, comparison with CSP, application of academic theory (35%)
Paper 2:  Media Industries and Media Audiences: MCQ (Multiple Choice), Knowledge recall questions, TWO medium sized responses based on framework + CSPs (35%)
NEA (30%)