Micah McClements, Year 7 Student

Hi my name is Micah and I am a year 7 student at Biddenham School. I am here to give you a bit more information based on my past three weeks in year 7.

So, year 7 has been fun and exciting. I have made so many new friends and met so many new teachers (who of course are all very nice)! The first week was smooth and easy going and has been a nice way to start secondary. Don’t worry your teachers are not going to be old, strict and scary people who are going to make your lessons no fun at all. They are all kind and caring and just want you to do your best in school. In the second week we started to move to a normal week with different lessons in different places and sometimes having two subject teachers. We did a lot of ‘starter lessons’ which are like telling you what to expect. We also got some homework for the different lessons and we got a timetable. Some of my friends were with me for different rotation subjects like Textiles, DT and Dance but some were not. The food at Biddenham is really amazing with a huge range of all different foods (one of my personal favourites is the halloumi Gyros)!

My best advice when joining Biddenham is to approach it with a good attitude and try your best, just remember hard work pays off!

Micah McClements