Music Assessments

Students are assessed as follows:
Key Stage 3
Year 7
Autumn 1 Focus:  Musical elements – applying their knowledge of musical elements to the listening task of Peter and the Wolf
Autumn 2 Focus:  I’ve Got Rhythm (theory and listening assessment)
Spring 1 Focus:  Grade 1 Rhythm Assessment
Spring 2 Focus:  Florence Price Performance Assessment
Do Re Mi Notation Assessment
Pentatonic Pizza Assessment
Year 8
Autumn 1 Focus:  Play Bach’s minuet in G major on a glockenspiel
Autumn 2 Focus:  Google Listening and Theory Quiz
Tuned Percussion Performance Assessment
Spring Focus:  Performance Assessment
Summer Focus:  Shotgun Assessment
Key Stage 4
Component 1:  Performing – at least two performance pieces, including one ensemble and one linked to area of study (4-6 minutes, non-exam assessment, 30%)
Component 2:  Composing – two compositions, one in response to a set brief (2-6 minutes, non-exam assessment, 30%)
Component 3:  Appraising (listening exam, 1 hour 15 minutes, 40%)