Music Examples of Students’ Work

Key Stage 3:
A Year 7 student's Listening Diary: The student has given an excellent explanation of the Mozart Classical Piece and Beethoven No.5 Symphony pieces of music.
Key Stage 4: our GCSE programme ensures that we cover a wide range of musical genres whilst also giving our students the flexibility to perform to their strengths and interests. A performance of 'Go your own way' – Fleetwood Mac 
Year 9 student-led project: During lessons the students elected to learn a song of their own choice.  We then visited a recording studio where they learnt hands-on recording skills to record their own cover version of 'Linkin Park’s In the End'. As a finale to their project, they filmed and edited their own music video.
Key Stage 4: Brief Toccata and Fugue Experimentation for Piano:
This is an example of year 11 GCSE composition coursework. This student has composed a toccata and fugual expiration. You can see that the student has completed a traditionally notated score using Sibelius software, the student then exported it into Cubase software to create a recording. The student’s compositional plan accompanies the coursework submission to show the compositional process.