Parents advice for 16-18 year olds

Parents advice for 16-18 year olds

We run two courses post 16, one is a level 2 course, for students who need further level 2 (GCSE) qualifications in order to progress onto the next study course.  This might be due to insufficient grades to access the level 3 course or too few subjects at grade C/5 or above.  The other course is a level 3 course, which is A level and Vocational level 3 courses, all the equivalent of one qualification (we do not run double or triple qualifications at school).

If your child wishes to continue with a broad base of subjects and has sufficient qualifications to move on to level 3, then it is a good option to continue onto level 3 qualifications.  If your child know exactly what they want to do, then studying a course (apprenticeship) which is going to lead directly into that field/industry, is also recommended.  The danger is that at 16, some students do not know precisely what they want to do, so keeping a broad base of level 3 qualifications, 3 or 4 A level/vocational subjects, is ‘safer’ and enables them to spend two further years deciding what to do post 18.

We run a sixth form with a variety of courses level 3 at school, equally there are other local providers who offer similar courses.  In addition, they may offer level 3 vocational qualifications in one subject, but worth more than one qualification – these are referred to as double or triple qualifications.  They will hold UCAS tariff points (which are the points awarded to each qualification) and will enable your child (if they choose) to be able to go to University or College to study post 18.

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