Project Based Learning Examples of Students’ Work

Year 7 Work

Year 7 Belonging – Fingerprint Project:
The project was to visually represent how students belong in the wider community. It needed to include two paragraphs explaining the groups they belong to and how they fit into a wider community of people. The text needed to represent the lines of a fingerprint and the design could be of their own choice. Below are two excellent examples.
This project stood out because of the use of colour, images and how the text still represented a fingerprint even though its design was very different. It shows creativity, originality and a great deal of planning. Fantastic work!

This evidence booklet gives detailed thought process and planning of the design. The student produced a number of drafts taking on board feedback and their self critiques. It shows imagination, creativity and originality. Great work!
Year 7 Belonging – Note-catcher by Aya Elabd: This document has been created as a planning tool to gather resources, notes, ideas, questions and 'aha' moments for collating information on the project ‘what unites and divides us'. It shows great research skills.
Year 7 Divide and Conquer:
These posters were created to raise the awareness of local charities and the work they do in our community. Both pieces of work were created independently, using their research skills to ensure accurate information is communicated. I think these demonstrate a clear understanding of the value of a poster and a hard working attitude of the students who produced them.
Year 7 Belonging – Podcast by Khadija Begum: A good example of a clearly planned, well researched and well executed podcast. It is delivered effectively and has relevant information which answers the driving question of ‘what unites and divides us'. The project stood out as it is informative, incorporates relevant detail and includes public speaking. The process of drafting and gaining feedback is clearly present and the content is excellent. Well done.

Year 8 Work

Year 8 Conditional Formatting Task:
This task was set by the ICT Department as part of their introduction to conditional formatting. This process is something that is taught in year 8 and gives an insight to digital skills that will be taught if the subject is chosen as an option. This piece of work by Noah Maynard is creative, detailed and completed to an exceptional standard. The process is clear and the end product shows a multitude of skills.
Year 8 – Tales of the Riverbank audio book by Pavithra Reddy: This was created over time and was drafted and reviewed several times before the final product. The task was to gather high quality primary and secondary research to create a children’s book for different ages. This audio book was original, well considered with clear and original ideas. The journey from inception through to the final piece is excellent.
Year 8 – Exploration Project Video:
This was an instructional video created by a year 8 student as part of their exploration project: ‘Are you born with talent? Or does practice make perfect?’
I was impressed with this video because it demonstrates clear instructional style guidance. The student uses short phrases as instructions and supports it with freeze frames of each stage needed to complete the skill. A huge amount of time and effort went into making this video which was only part of the project they completed. Not only did they master a new skill in creating this, they developed their technological skills and literacy skills in creating a clear set of instructions. Well done!
Year 8 Story Project Tales of the Riverbank –  Evidence and Homework Booklet: Ethelmer Fomonyuy
The booklet shows clear process and development of ideas, exploring each part in detail and recording their journey to create the final piece of work. The research is extensive and uses both primary and secondary methods effectively. Drafting and acting on feedback is evident and the final product is creative and meets all the criteria. A well thought out project which is accessible and progressive over time. A fantastic piece of work.
Year 8 – Exploration Project by Julia Chaplinska:
This is a fact file created as part of the year 8 exploration project: ‘Are you born with talent? Or does practice make perfect?’ Students had to research an expert in their chosen skill and present the information they had learnt about them.
I was impressed with this as it is clear, concise and presented well. It is evident here that the student has mastered the research skill as they have taken the key bits of information that will help them with their project and written it in their own words.