Politics Extra-Curricular Activities

The department often arranges for visitors, including local MPs, to come and speak to our students about working in politics and government.
There are also opportunities for students to go on trips and visits, and these have, in the past, included the Houses of Parliament.
Guest Speaker – Young Local Councillor Visit in September 2022: As students of Politics it can be important to meet other young people who are involved in politics.
In 2022 we had the pleasure of hosting a Liberal Democrat local councillor from Northamptonshire, Joe Norris.
Former Student Guest Speaker Discussed Work Experience in Parliament, July 2023: Biddenham has close ties to the office of the local MP for Bedford, Mohammad Yasin. One of our 2023 leavers, Jamil Ahmed, successfully completed a week of work experience in the office of Mr Yasin after finishing his exams. Jamil came back to Biddenham to tell the then Year 12 students about his week working for an MP.