The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a student support and wellbeing centre staffed by Caroline Gray, Abigail Speight and Kirsty Nice. All three staff work closely together as a team in the centre with each having their own individual roles. These are as follows:

Caroline Gray
Caroline manages the day to day medical needs of our students. The Sanctuary is a place for students who may fall ill during the day, have an accident or injury to be taken care of, or a place where students can access, as part of a transitional process, to get back to a class environment after long term sick leave.

The Sanctuary also offers the following various outside Counselling Services during the school day to help and support our students. Below is an overview of these services:

The students, in addition, are allowed to visit the Sanctuary during break times for a chat or if they need a bit of ‘time out’.

If you have any concerns about your child you can contact Caroline Gray by telephone on 01234 342521 or via email at

Kirsty Nice
Kirsty is our apprentice who works closely with Caroline in looking after the wellbeing of students with the overall aim of increasing student wellbeing and achievement. Kirsty’s email address is

Abigail Speight
Abigail is the mental health and wellbeing lead, she works closely with Caroline, and the heads of years to identify students who may need support with their wellbeing. Abigail identifies the needs of the students and refers them on for appropriate support. This could be ‘in house’ via wellbeing sessions run by staff in the sanctuary during tutor time or at other appropriate times in the school day. She may also refer students onto outside agencies such as CAMHS, CHUMS, Bedford Open Door, Aquarius or the school nurse. These referrals may also lead onto the EHA process which will be completed with yourselves and Abigail Speight.

We recognise that young people do suffer with a variety of wellbeing issues such as exam stress/anxiety, self-harm, depression and other emotional difficulties. We aim to meet the ever changing needs of our young people by adapting and increasing the support available to them.

If you do have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing, would like further information, or would like to complete an Early Help Assessment please do not hesitate to contact Abigail Speight via email

For further information please click to download our brochure.

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