Work Skills, Enterprise and Employability Examples of Students’ Work

Students begin the course by assessing their own skills and behaviours and how these transferable attributes can apply in the workplace. One of the pieces of work was to think about their role models and who inspires them.

This is a lovely piece of work written by a student whose role model is her sister.
My Hero
I would say my hero is my sister, (she's currently 19, going to turn 20 in December). Shahmima is my older sister who has always been there for me; she has never told me not to follow my dreams, she encourages, inspires, forgives, and so much more, even though she has all of these, she has many flaws to go along with all the things she's good at. Shahmima wouldn't be scared to tell you what she thinks about her siblings, but with others she'd keep it to herself, so if I ever needed an honest opinion she'd tell me the truth even if I didn't want to hear it. I see her as a parent figure towards me, she has always nagged me about school and I know it's for the best, so if I don't do so well and she says she's disappointed I know I haven't done so well, she makes sure I’ve eaten, slept well, need a lift to school she’s there, ready to leave, making sure we are there on time.
Shahmima is currently studying at Bedford University working towards becoming a midwife in the NHS. She studied here at Biddenham, she did her GCSEs here alongside her A levels. She did well in her GCSES she passed her Maths and English and failed History, but in her A levels she did amazing, she got  A* for all of them; I was so proud of her because only I really knew how much she was struggling throughout her time in Biddenham sixth form, and she did so well. Shahmima is about to start her 12 hour shifts five days a week and she's on break right now and she keeps complaining about how much she misses working in the hospital, demonstrating her loyalty and commitment to her career.
I would say the way she works and revises is the best thing about her, she puts herself out there as a hardworking and determined person and she is, but her flaws would be, being distracted so quickly, and always procrastinating, but still manages to get everything done on time.
I don’t think we have any similarities, but I would say we both are funny and determined to follow our dreams and to make our mum proud. Most would say I’m a mini version of her, we always get it from our friends and especially my oldest sister and my dad, family members always question us on why we always dress up when coming to family gatherings or celebrations, and we always say the same thing, it's because we just felt like it, the real reason is because we love just spending time together and listening to music and laugh. We both have a love for music and books she inspired, and encouraged me to read, and so I did and I found my love for books and reading, so anything that catches my eye I would stop and read it, and tell her all about it.
I look up to Shahmima, because she is always talking about how much she loves working in the NHS and she tells me all these cool stories about how much she loves helping others out, and just getting to know the family. She has so much empathy and she always puts herself in others' shoes. But I would say that she's more time-managed and organised than me and she always has to help me out with organising my timings and my notes and books, which she doesn't mind but it gets annoying having her always needing to help me out because she's not always going to be there, so I need to get on top of that, because every job requires to be on time and very well organised.