Year 9 Parent Letter 1st April 2022



1st April 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,


With the Easter holiday break approaching, I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on the progress of the year group so far this academic year.


I’m pleased to say there continue to be many positives across the year group. Firstly, the consistency of their efforts in lessons is so pleasing to see as I walk around lessons. They have taken to their GCSE subjects with such maturity and focus that they will reap the benefits in two years time.


Furthermore, the engagement in extracurricular activities is wonderful. We have a dedicated group of chefs who stay after school on Tuesdays knocking up some delicious delights. On Wednesdays we have students taking part in after school rugby sessions and recently we have had the annual Spring into Dance event. As always, I would strongly encourage everyone to try one of the many activities we have available during and after school.


I also wanted to take the opportunity to restate our behaviour values of Ready Respect Reward. Therefore can I ask that you ensure that your child is ready for the day ahead. This means that they arrive on time to school, (here is a link to the timings of the school day) with the correct uniform (see the website) so that they are ready to learn. Please encourage students to be fully prepared with everything they need for their lessons. This includes their chromebooks, which should always be brought to school fully charged ready for use. Any technical faults can be reported to IT via the helpdesk email, then they can be repaired and returned as soon as possible. On top of this, we need to ensure students work with both staff and students in lessons and around school in a respectful way which ensures that everyone can achieve in lessons. We will continue to revisit these expectations so that students can reach their fullest potential.


I have mentioned to you previously about the range of support available to students at Biddenham. On a day to day basis we have your child’s tutor, who should be your first point of call for many concerns or questions. Moreover, we have the Year 9 pastoral support team (Mrs Manning and Mrs Cadman and myself), the Schools Attendance Officers, Mrs Speight the schools Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Mrs Gray our Sanctuary Manager and Mr Ray our Intervention Support Co-ordinator.


As a school we also work with a range of external agencies and organisations who are available to support our students’ wellbeing which include but are not limited to:


Bedford Borough Early Help Team

Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CHAMs)

CHUMs (Mental Health and Wellbeing support)


Kooth (Online Counselling and Support)

Bedford Open Door

School Nursing Service


Finally, I wanted to pass on the contact details should you need them for your child’s tutor who will be able to answer many of your queries should you have them.


9WF:   Mr Finney –

9MRP: Mr Mann – (maternity cover)

9CM:   Miss Mawokomatanda  –

9CWH: Mr Hard

9PBN: Mr Naidoo –

9RPJ:  Miss Patterson –

9SDS: Miss DiSalvo –

9SM:   Miss Mangal –


Assistant Head of Year 9: Mrs Manning –

Assistant Head of Year 9: Mrs Cadman –

Head of Year 9 – Mr Evans –


On behalf of the Year 9 pastoral team we continue to appreciate your support and engagement and wish you an enjoyable Easter break with your family.




Ed Evans

Head of Year 9