Drama Examples of Students’ Work

Key Stage 3 Work

Year 7: The Commonwealth – The Jungle Book
Using the theme of the united world, students explore 'The Jungle Book' in year 7. Students are always stretched in Drama to help develop their skills beyond the final performance. In each of the pieces of work the students have used different methods.
Selected key phrases that they would like to have developed further and examples on how they would do this by using key words to develop their disciplinary literacy for this subject. 
A more simplified method to present the work. We encourage students to develop independent skills to assist them when referring back to the work they have been completing. A colour code scheme was used to reference what physical skill they would use for the line they are presenting to the audience. 
The 'spatial toolkit' that is explored in lessons has also been developed by students and shows how they have taken into consideration the production elements of the performance piece they have performed. They have developed the use of stage layout, direction, proxemics and transitions.
Year 8: Extracts from Samuel Pepys Diary 17th Century
This example shows how students not only develop practical skills in Drama but they also develop an understanding of the production and analysis elements that will prepare them for GCSE Drama and English Literature.
In year 8 students explore a range of different texts that follow the connected curriculum topic across all their subjects. Here you will find an example of a gothic theatre storyboard that students then developed into their own performance piece.
The second example is extracts from Samuel Pepys Diary 17th Century, and is one of many ways that we encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of text. 
Year 8: Tales of the River Bank 
Students are showcasing their final practical assessment of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by William Shakespeare. They are performing a scene where ‘The Mechanicals’ are discussing their play. The students are experimenting with characterisation skills and using different levels.

Key Stage 4 Work

Year 9: Blood Brothers Costume Design and Analysis
This is an example of how a student has developed their understanding of the costume and the play 'Blood Brothers'. This is an opportunity for students to show their knowledge of what they have read and understood.
GCSE Performance and Production
This GCSE example gives an idea of the performance and production elements that students complete in year 11. This includes a short extract that would typically be five minutes per performer in a group and a devising log that shows the process that the student has gone through to develop their performance. 
Year 11: Too Much Punch for Judy
This clip shows a snippet of a GCSE practical exam. The students are playing Jo and Judy, two sisters from Essex. They are using physical theatre performance style to raise awareness of the impact of drink driving.

Key Stage 5 Work

A level Examples of Work
A level examples of work support the completion of the A level course. Students take part in both practical and theory lessons. These are good examples of how students have worked independently to design, produce and perform a performance piece to meet the AQA A level examination criteria.
Devised Script
Devising Log
Light and Sound Cue Sheet
Year 12: A View from the Bridge
A performance of 'A View from The Bridge' by Arthur Miller and our chosen practitioner was Stanislavski. It is a naturalistic performance set in New York during the 1950s. Our group's aim is to show a dysfunctional family.
Mia: “I play the role of Beatrice and I aim to express a woman on the edge, having put up with anger, injustice and holding the weight of a secret Eddie had forced on her."
Beth: “I play the role of Eddie, an Italian New-Yorker, who at this point had just turned on all his morals in a jealous fit."