Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information

Biddenham aims for all students to leave us well prepared for future success in all aspects of their lives. We are committed to developing a learning community where students are motivated, question, strive to understand and organise their learning in a location which is safe, purposeful, challenging and fosters mutual respect.
High quality teaching enables students to play an active role in their learning, to understand the purpose of their lessons and to develop as individuals. Opportunities will be provided for all students to receive appropriate levels of challenge and support, to broaden their cultural, social, sporting, creative and technological horizons, to develop independence and to be prepared for living and working in a diverse 21st Century society.
Our broad range of subject choices alongside a wealth of extra-curricular activities and excellent careers guidance effectively prepares students for whichever direction their studies take them in the future. Whether their future is at sixth form, college or an apprenticeship, we provide them with the tools, knowledge and experience to succeed.
George Foy
Assistant Headteacher
KS4 Raising Standards Leader

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Enriched Curriculum

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