Monitoring Achievement

Marking and Homework Philosophy
We believe that assessment (diagnostic, formative and summative) is a vital part of the teaching and learning process. It provides vital information for the teacher so that the progress of students can be monitored and appropriate work provided. Students also need accurate feedback to judge the success of their efforts against personal targets. Parents/carers need, and are entitled to, this information on a regular basis to inform the home/school partnership. Finally, we must provide reliable information to employers, HE, FE and other student destinations.
At Biddenham we believe that marked work should be returned to the student while the original learning experience is still fresh in the student’s mind, in time for the student to modify and develop what they have learned.
Student Outcomes
 We will know we have been successful when:
  • Students make use of assessments in their personal planning.
  • Differentiated materials relate to the assessments, and are designed to help students reach their own best level.
  • No student book should contain unmarked work more than two weeks old.
  • Every piece of marked work should contain a comment explaining to the student how the work could have been improved.
Parental support
Parents/carers have a vital role to play in their child’s education. We have recently updated our ‘Home Learning’ area on our website which we believe demonstrates how parents/carers can best support their child.
Please find an example of a school report and the supporting guidance.
School Report
Supporting Guidance