Religious Studies Examples of Students’ Work

Award winning art!
Our department entered students’ work into the NATRE Spirited Arts and Poetry competition. This is a nationwide competition with thousands of entries every year. During year 8, students will be given the opportunity to produce a piece of work which will be entered into this competition. We were delighted that one of our students won the competition in 2018.
1st place winner: Nikko Turner (2018) – Lighthouse
The drawing represents ‘looking for God’ through two people and their minds.
It shows a small boat in a storm on the left, and on the right is a lighthouse which is its salvation. This is symbolic of a person going through a difficult time and then looking for God and salvation.
The waves and the lightening in the sky symbolise difficulty in the atmosphere around a person, which may be something that they find difficult to avoid.
The creature in the ocean represents a problem in a person’s life that may be more specific such as another person or a key event which has caused them issues throughout their life.
The boat trying to escape all the chaos symbolises a person reaching out for help from God, and the person on the left symbolises God and salvation.
The lighthouse and the rays of light reaching towards the person on the left represent hope and faith in God.
The colours used in this picture on the left such as black and dark blue represent the darkness in the person’s mind and life, and the yellow and pale blue on the right represent light, hope and salvation.

Year 7

Identity and Diversity
Students were asked as part of the ‘Belonging Unit’ to identify pictures or images to represent the different aspects of their identity. They then shared them with the class. This led to discussion on the idea of diversity and having similarities and differences.
Journal Entries:
Students were asked to reflect on their learning in lesson and produce a piece of writing that showed their understanding.
Good Samaritan:
Students were asked to read or watch the story of the Good Samaritan, summarise the story and then apply the lessons learned from the parable to their own lives.

Year 9

The Life of the Prophet Muhammad timeline
Students were asked to research the life of the Prophet Muhammad and then draw up a timeline of the important events. The work shown was well presented and demonstrated good effort and attention to detail.

Year 8
God’s Good Earth

Year 9