Resources to Support Transition

At Biddenham we understand that it can be daunting for parents and carers to move from having one teacher to contact in primary school, to a range of teachers in secondary school. 

Who do we contact in school during transition?

During the transition process from primary to secondary school the main contact will be:

Mrs Chapman
Assistant Headteacher, Outreach, Partnership
and Community
A welcome from our
Transition Ambassadors
You have received your school offer what next?
Once you have applied for a place and have been successful, you will be invited to a transfer day. Mrs Chapman and the year 7 team will visit all schools and gain all the information needed to know about your child. Most children will just attend the transfer days and then meet the tutor in the evening.
My child needs more support to transition to secondary school. What will that look like for them?
For some children they may be invited along to Targeted Transition Sessions based on their individual needs. Some students find they need intervention when they join us and sessions are put in place in September to start supporting them.
How will Biddenham get to know my child's voice during transition?
We work closely with primary schools and offer a transition project by working on a Year 6 into Year 7 Diploma. This allows year 6 pupils the opportunity to develop their skills and prepare them for secondary school life and acquire new key stage 3 knowledge, while allowing us to see how they learn and what their interests are. This helps us understand how to support them in their learning at Biddenham. Students receive certificates on completion. We also provide a Diploma Resources Booklet so you can support them at home.
What does the first week look like?
When students start in September, they will have a week to settle in, where they take part in aspire lessons to prepare them for the subjects they will study. It allows them time to get used to using their chromebook, timetables and ordering their lunch for example.
We have put together the Starting Secondary School Booklet to support you and your child during this transition phase, with school specific information to help you contact the right person with any questions you may have.
On your child's first day, they will receive a My First Day Booklet to help them get to know the school.
You may find the following links useful to look through with your child at home – this is all covered in the aspire sessions, but could settle some anxieties before they join us: 
Uniform and Equipment
Sample Year 7 Timetable
School Map
Sample Catering Menu
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