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At Biddenham students start their GCSE courses after October half term of year 9 and complete them in May and June of year 11. Throughout this time students will be regularly assessed in order to ensure they are progressing accordingly and achieving their potential. During these assessments students and parents and carers may require additional support with effective preparation, a major contributor to the success in exams. On this page you will find support for both students and parents and carers.

Parents and Carers Revision Support

We have put together a number of resources to help you support your child.
Every subject has a Google Classroom, which is explained below, your child will have access to this classroom from their Chromebook and every available resource is posted on these classrooms.  It is good to get confident using Google Classrooms in order to understand fully how to access the information available to your child.  Parents and carers can have access to every classroom their child is in, therefore you can get updated weekly on the work they covered during the lesson and what their homework should be.
Please also speak to your child's form tutor for any further support or questions during this time
Parents top tips for Google
Prepare to perform parents
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